Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Hello Mr. Thompson Everybody

I thought I'd show you some of the sculptures that I've made this year and a couple of paintings made when the garden was all that I was interested in. The one eyed man is Mr. Blair in my sculpture at least I will try and get a clearer image of that for everyone soon as I can Mr. Thompson.

Lets go back to part 10 of this one way dialogue shall we Mr. Thompson. What I wonder about the mother of three who was put in Jail for 4 days, is how much tax payers money was wasted bringing that case to court???

Oh the magistrates made a few quid out of it, the prosecutor, and the defence lawyers made few quid out of it, and then the Jail staff justified their existence, by having one more criminalised person walk through their door, all for your corporation Mr. Thompson, all because some nit wits in parliament think that your organisation deserves to hold this monopoly on the license fee, or god help the citizen who cannot afford it, or that landlords don't do whats on tenancy agreements?????

I wonder what you would have done in her situation Mr. Thompson, daddy daddy can we have a TV, sorry kids I carn't afford the license. Daddy daddy why are you going to prison, because the Landlord didn't keep up his end of the tenancy agreement kids. What will happen to us daddy.

But then it reminds me of the time the Government prosecuted me for not filling in the census form. What another waste of court time that was and a malicious prosecution to boot, not that the brief I had was willing to argue the point that parliament is nothing more than a public body and that therefore it was in violation of the human rights legislation with respect to the privacy of an individual, or that while government could not it seem provide the finance for a second hand fridge to a destitute man, it could afford to bring the prosecution for not filling in a ruddy form, when they have enough information about me on their DWP files to require nothing else.

But like I said malicious prosecution because as I understand the situation there were very few prosecutions across the country compared to the number of census forms that were not filled in, but then its easy to pick on the weak, and its not as if the judiciary are going to say 'this is wasting court time', are they and its not as if the solicitors want less decriminalisation is it, after all its their bread and butter.

But I believe that they are doing just that, and it would appear they want more and more actions to be classified as crimes. The biggest crime is that we the British People allow parliament to get away with it.

Rather than say ''Oi! Polititians NOOOOO!!!!'' or ''We demand TV's that Block the BBC Signal''

As to Mr. Hutton and his pronouncements this week I wonder if you've given yourself the present of Mr. Walsch's 'Conversation with God' Mr. Thompson if you go to book 2 pages 143 to 146 you will read of a simple means of raising the standard of living of everybody, thats if our World Leaders have the Balls they claim to have, if they are willing to promote a new world view, rather than living in the fear of what one Nation is likely to do to another. To Radical for you perhaps Mr. Thompson to radical for this Nation to be the ones to Champion a new way.

But I suspect that the BBC are only to happy to carry on prosecuting people to subsidize their lifestyle for non payment of this license fee, even when they hide the news, because it doesn't suit their adgenda, or does government say ''you run anything on that and we are pulling the plug on the BBC''???????

Care to make a comment sometime Mr. Thompson, I wonder if Mr. Pugh at the welsh assembly likes the sculptures, what do you think beautifull in aluminium Crazydave, yep. Will I get a grant to have them cast in Bronze?????? Hey that would be great!!!!How about in Gold!!!

Love n Light People


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